A Badminton Overhead Clear Shot

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In this essay I will discuss, de-construct and analyze the techniques used by my partner, Luke Wynne when performing the badminton overhead clear shot using anatomical and biomechanical analysis. Throughout the essay I will give critical feedback and feed forward on four different phases, the preparation phase, execution phase, contact phase and the follow through phase. I will discuss the functional anatomy of how my partner can better his whole performance to become closer to the optimum performance that elite athletes play at, also known as the autonomous stage of learning. I will then finish my essay with a conclusion to sum up everything that I have discussed. PREPERATION The first stage when performing a badminton overhead clear is the preparation stage; I will discuss the ideal performance, and then compare the ideal to my partner’s performance. In the beginning of the shot the player raises his arms above his head using the posterior deltoid. This movement involves the flexion of the elbow using the biceps. The pectoral major and the biceps are the agonists in this movement with the antagonists being the triceps, latissimiss dorsi and the trapezius. This movement involves the use of the third class lever, with the load being the racquet, and effort being the triceps and the fulcrum being the elbow, which is a hinge joint. Also at this stage, the non-racquet arm is fully extended pointing at the shuttle using the trapezius and the interior deltoid to extend the
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