A Balanced Scorecard for Google

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Overview - A Balanced Scorecard approach is often seen as one of the key tools that translate strategy into performance. . The balanced scorecard model is a clear direction outlining what the organization should measure to balance the financial output. The scorecard retains financial measurement as a summary of their business performance. Moreover, the scorecard will highlight an integrated set of measurement that will link customers, processes, resources, and performance to long-term financial success. The balanced scorecard is a tool that provides the company the framework that translates vision and strategy into actionable tasks. The scorecard is a set of performance measures allowing management a dashboard view of their business. These performance measurements are used to aid the company in setting goals and manage the business's strategic plan. The balanced scorecard model will support the strategic plan and implementation by uniting all actions of an organization into a common understanding of the goal; it will provide feedback for both internal processes and the external outcome to improve strategic performances and results continuously (Lanabeer and Napiewocki, 2000; Stevens, et.al., 2006). BALANCED SCORECARD FOR GOOGLE Strategic Map Performance Measures Targets Initiatives Financial Perception of Stakeholders Growth and Profit Strategy Increased ad revenue Server and Programming Costs Increase ad revenue by 7-12% annually Decrease server and programming
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