A Balancing Act Of The Case Management Essay

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A Balancing Act; Challenges in Case Management
Jennifer Gonzalez
University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
Professor Denise Silcox
November 21, 2016 Case management is a continuous balancing act of judgment calls, making ethical choices, getting along with coworkers, and following legal protocol. It is the duty of the case manager to know how to develop a relationship with both clients and coworkers while still maintain their professionalism. The healthcare professional must always leave their personal opinions at home and provide the same quality of care to all their clients regardless if they have different views, religion, sexual orientations, or cultures. The case manager needs to ensure that the client’s concerns will be put first no matter what, and should also clarify that the as the professional he or she will do all that is necessary to provide the best quality of care to their client.
While some may say the biggest issues of a case manager are ethics and legal problems, others would suggest differently. In an article titled “Iowa Case Management: Innovative Social Casework” by James Hall he discusses three issues with regards to case management. The first issue asks to “what extent” should a case manager be willing go to for their client. This idea put into question where it is acceptable or not to do anything for the client’s benefit even if it means breaking the rules. The case manager weigh out the positives and negatives of
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