A Bann on SpongeBob: It Kills Brain Cells Essay

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The cartoon of the yellow sponge living in a pineapple under the sea was never meant to be a kid’s show. Au contraire, the show was meant to air on Adult Swim, a television network for viewers 16 years and older. The Sponge had a test run, but because of the low rating it was transferred to the kids’ networks. Of course, our dear children, innocent and ignorant of the hidden message inside the moving images, loved it. In this case “Bikini Bottom” is SpongeBob’s home town, an inappropriate name of a setting for a children’s cartoon. This shows that the transition of the show from Adult Swim to Nickelodeon had no change on SpongeBob Squarepants, whatsoever. Meaning, many other sections of the show are likely not meant for children’s eyes…show more content…
Such as dropping bubble-soap in their eyes while blowing bubbles.(Done purposely) Pretty sure I also do not want my brother jumping of a window when he wants to exit a house or building with multiples stores. Now, cartoons are known for their creativity of thinking outside the box. They create a new world where the fictional character can live and interact with other characters. There, they are meant to overcome some obstacle that can help the character become better at a skill and/or person. In this show the character seems to actually underdeveloped than developed. There are episodes in which the main character is taking his driver’s test and always end up failing. SpongeBob, although taken the test a million times (not a lie, there is an episode based on this fact) at the first step of applying acceleration to the boat mobile (the same as a car) overreacts leading him to crash backwards. Always injuring the teacher and sending her to the hospital. You may say, well our children do not learn how to drive until later on and will have outgrown this show by then. It is unlikely they will act this way, when it comes to driving. In this I am not referring to the actual action. You see our dear yellow friend overreacts about everything and anything in the most unusual way. He starts screaming to the top of his lungs while simultaneously running around making havoc. In fact the show has been band
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