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A Baseball Proposal Ever since the creation of America's favorite pastime, baseball, cheating has been an integral part of the game. Each era of baseball has offered new and improved techniques for cheating the game of baseball. Cheating has become a common occurrence in baseball, from the 1919 Chicago "Black" Sox, who were paid to throw the World Series, to Ty Cobb sharpening the spikes on his shoe to scare off fielders from tagging him out. Other famous cheating acts include Gaylord Perry's illegal spitball, Pete Rose betting on baseball, and…show more content…
There are some facts concerning steroid use in recent years: Ken Caminiti, the Most Valuable Player (MVP) in 1996, admitted to steroid use which ‘coincidentally' began the same year he won the MVP. Mark McGwire, who in 1998 broke the homerun record by hitting seventy in one year, has testified to Congress that he had used steroids while playing. Testifying with McGwire were fellow superstars Jason Giambi and Rafael Palmero. Giambi admitted to abuse of steroids while Palmero, who denied ever using steroids, acknowledged that he knew of people who did use steroids. (He was later caught). Following an investigation by Congress, Major League Baseball (MLB) was forced to establish a testing policy with severe punishments for all those testing positive to performance enhancing drugs. In 2004, MLB replaced a lax policy with a rule that would give players a 10 game suspension for a first time offense, 30 games for a second offense, 60 games for a third offense, and an entire year for the fourth. After continuous harassment by Congress, MLB decided to insert a new policy where the first steroid use would be penalized with a 50 game suspension, the second time a 100 game suspension, and the third time an expulsion from baseball. Since 2004, thirteen major league baseball players have been suspended for steroids, and over fifty minor leaguers have been caught as well. One of the major league players who was caught is Rafael Palmero, who a

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