A Based Practice Proposal For An Multidisciplinary Team With Home Healthcare

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Evidenced-Based Practice Proposal Problem Description: Amenable to Nursing Intervention This evidenced-base proposal paper is to address the lack of communication with the multidisciplinary team with home healthcare cases. This is a problem that is faced everyday by home healthcare nurses and other providers. Home healthcare is independent care provided at home these services can be provided over time and across geographic locations. Home care nurses tackle many responsibilities that include not only the patients but also family concerns and problems. Nurses are at the home front on a daily basis with individuals and need a decision/guidance support system to manage the different levels of care demands. One of the most important factors in maintaining continuity of care is the compliance with documentation. In order for providers to communicate with one another documentation needs to be clear and also requires a standardized nursing language (SNL) (Lee Eun, Lee, & Moorhead , 2009). One way to achieve continuity of care with standardized nursing language and communication is the implementation of electronic medical records for home health care. The utilization of SNL will create relevant evidence of services and also improve decision making and nursing documentation quality. In implementing these changes nursing data will improve the ability to measure and compare the effects of home care nursing (Lee, Lee, & Moorhead, 2009). Identify Clinical Guideline, Bundle or
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