A Basic Overall Assessment Of Pasco County Health

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A basic overall assessment of Pasco county health concludes that the county is a moderately healthy community with chronic illness being a major issue. When comparing Pasco County In the area of Health outcome to the 67 other counties in Florida Pasco places 45th. The higher the score the worse the county is. (County Health, 2013) There are two categories that the rankings were broken into were health outcomes and health factors. Health outcome refers to mortality and morbidity. Health factors pertain to health risks including factors like alcohol use, access to care and education. With Health factors Pasco ranked 28th. The rankings vary by a large margin and lead to the conclusion that the county has relatively healthy.
What I can infer from the statistics found there is a major issue with chronic diseases and other health factors, which has the potential to lead to a very unhealthy community. The statistics shows that there is a higher diabetes rate in the county then the average for the state. When it comes to communicable disease, Pasco has below average contraction. An example would be Infection with HIV or AIDs, Pasco has around 2.4% while the state average is 5% (County Health, 2013). While this is a lower number, there are other areas where we are above the state average. An example of this is the smoking rate in Pasco County. Smoking is widely known for its horrendous effects on health, in Pasco there is a 26% of adults smoking while the state average is 18%
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