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"Religion is about creation, and for that reason religion should be about the earth." - Laurie Cabot. One might see hundreds of faces from different races, gender, and pop cultures. But behind each face is a brain, with spirit and personal beliefs, like religion. When many Americans believe that everyone is Christian or Catholic, some people practice an ancient religion. This religion, commonly known as the umbrella-term “Paganism” is back on the move with a contemporary feel. Paganism is an earth-based religion, focusing around the elements and nature. Throughout this paper Paganism will be explained, along with two of its well-known sections, how Pagans worship, and Pagan holidays. Paganism has many sub-cultures, such as Wiccan,…show more content…
Some follow the “Goddess” theory. The “Goddess” theory states that there is just one Goddess who rules over. Many depict her as Mother Earth, holding plants and caring for animals and humans alike. Pictures and art of the Goddess is normally a pregnant woman, to show how every life comes from her womb. Women normally follow this path because of the matriarchal feel of this path. The Mother Goddess is worshiped through the lunar cycle and also depicted by the waxing, full and waning moon. Other Pagans bring ancient religions into contemporary worship, such as Greek, Roman, or Egyptian mythology. In these different mythologies, there are many gods and goddesses with different jobs of everyday life, like the Greek god Helios who drove the sun with his chariot around the world everyday. Though the gods all have different names from the different cultures, they’re all about the same deities. The Greeks and Romans learned from the Egyptians, using cultural diffusion. In everyday life, Pagans who chose this path will pray to certain deities for help or guidance on what they rule over. Often, Pagans will choose a couple certain deities to focus their worship on, whether because of a spiritual bond or because of a coven’s pre-chosen path. Paganism is actually a word that’s used to describe the whole group of New Age religions, like NeoPaganism, Wiccan and others. NeoPaganism is the contemporary worship of older Pagan beliefs and using old rituals in today’s culture.

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