A Basic Understanding Of Epidemiology And Epidemiologic Investigations

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The purpose of this research paper it to deliver a basic understanding of epidemiology and epidemiologic investigations. One essential service of public health is the ability to diagnose and investigate identified health hazards in their communities. Epidemiology is an area of study used to identify those health hazards. Founded by John Snow in 1854, the term epidemiology is defined as the study of distribution and determinants of health, disease, or injury among human populations. Epidemiologic investigations are used to identify the problem of an outbreak and collect necessary data to formulate and test hypotheses. All collected information is scrutinized for additional facts/data to determine what the cause of illness is. Once the cause of illness is identified, control measures can be implemented to prevent future illnesses. Additional information delivered throughout this paper will include a further look at the 10 step approach used in investigations, common hindrances to avoid, ethical issues, America’s perspective, and the burden of disease. This information will provide readers with a universal understanding of epidemiology and the purpose of epidemiologic investigations. Keywords: epidemic, epidemiology, epidemiologic investigations, outbreak, public health

Understanding Epidemiology and
Epidemiologic Investigations
Epidemiology is a science and method of study of an epidemic. It is the scientific method to
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