A Basic Understanding Of Irish Law

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To address this question, a basic understanding of Irish law with all its complexities and contradictions is necessary. Irish law lays the foundations for all aspects of life within Irish society and just as society itself is constantly evolving, so too is Irish law as it is being constantly updated, reviewed and amended to keep up with the times and a modernising society. This essay will focus solely on the education sector and the respective underpinning principals which guide, direct and influence practitioners as they work within this sector. The themes of reasonableness, proportionality and equality form the back bone of the Irish legal system and this is no different within the education sector. By focusing on the aforementioned themes, this essay will discuss areas of health and safety, duty of care and negligence, bullying, special educational needs, employment law, codes of behaviour, child protection and family law as well as admission and participation policies and furthermore draw upon relevant legislation and appropriate documents and cases to highlight the governing legal principals at play within the education sector. As practitioners in this sector, one must be continually aware of the changing nature of society as well as the underpinning legal principles which govern and direct all aspects of teaching, learning and administration. Firstly, and before any learning or teaching can take place, health and safety take precedence. Therefore the Health and Safety
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