A Battle Hymn Of The Tiger Mother

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The stereotype that Chinese parents raise the most successful children is universal. The question is, how do they accomplish this? In her novel, A Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, Amy Chua illustrates how she raises her two children to be stereotypically successful Chinese kids. “Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior,” is an excerpt of this novel, which appeared in the Wall Street Journal. The editors of the Wall Street Journal presumably chose this title to draw attention and promote controversy. Throughout the excerpt, Chua’s attempts to respect her audience are overpowered with her heavy criticism of the “Western parents”, referring to typical American parents. She also fails to convey the multitude of problems this style can cause. Chua is biased toward the “Chinese Mother” parenting style because of her personal experiences, thus her arrogance makes her ignorant to the detrimental effects of this style and is unappealing to her audience. In the excerpt, Chua focuses on the differing parenting techniques of Chinese and Western parents. She concludes that a contrast in the parent’s mindset leads to distinct parenting styles and various levels of success for the kids. As a Chinese mother herself, Chua confirms that stereotypes for Chinese parenting styles are a reality. She describes how her two children were banned from participating in sleepovers, school plays, and many other activities common to Western children. Even with all of the strict rules and high expectations,
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