A Beautiful Gold Statue Of Harmonica

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On the alluring island of Harmonica, stands a beautiful gold statue of a woman inside a temple towering over the city, and on it, the name "Mellifluous" is encrusted with diamonds, rubies, and ivory. A little girl with hair as golden and mellow as the sun walks up the steps of the shrine along with her grandmother. "Dear Grandmother, who was Mellifluous?" " Well my child, Mellifluous was known to many people as being "our true savior", she had done something so heroic and for that valiant deed that is why we created this temple to remind ourselves that we should always remain grateful for what she has done and also that she may forgive us for what we had done to her a very long time ago". "But Grandmother what happened? What did we do and how was she heroic?" asked the young girl with a face fully stirred up with curiosity and a pinch of confusion." Now, that my child, is a tale that has been long forgotten, however through generations , my great-great-great grandmother told my mother and now I shall tell you". Before this island, there was a rich and thriving city filled with mounds of gold,money and other special jewels. Every corner of the street was filled with intricate jewelry, handmade clothing out of silks, wool, linen and more. But nevertheless, a person 's beauty and her or his voice was most valued. The women although most of them having divine beauty always had disputes between each other by insisting that each one of themselves had a better voice

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