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The true life events of the world renown mathematician John Nash, who later went on to win the Nobel Prize in Economics is depicted in the movie A Beautiful Mind. Not only does this movie illustrate his accomplishments in the field of mathematics and economics, but it also portrays his journey and struggles with the debilitating mental disorder Paranoid Schizophrenia. The movie begins in 1947 when Nash is enrolled at Princeton University on a Carnegie Scholarship as a graduate student in mathematics. When he finds out half of his colleagues have already published, he isolates himself from his peers and becomes obsessive with the idea of publishing an original idea. After endlessly working on his idea, he is finally able to publish his…show more content…
From this point on he learns to cope with his schizophrenia without medication. Nash eventually realizes that Charles and the others are all in his imagination and learns to ignore them. After some years Nash goes back to Princeton and asks his old colleague Hansen, who is head of the mathematics department if he can be in the library and attend classes. He is given permission and after many years pass, he is allowed to teach again. The movie ends with Nash receiving the Nobel Prize in Economics for his game theory in 1994.
Nash displays many abnormal behaviors. One positive behavioral symptom of schizophrenia displayed are his hallucinations. These all begin when he enrolls at Princeton. He thinks his roommate Charles is real when he is actually an imaginary person. All of his conversations with Charles are him talking to himself. In relation to Charles, his niece Marcee is also a hallucination. His next hallucination occurs when Parcher approaches him outside of the Wheeler Laboratory. He is talking to himself and this is shown when he walks past the guard and only the guard and Nash are seen. Another scene depicting Nash’s hallucinations with Parcher is when they get into a car chase with the Russian enemies. This entire event is imaginary, however, he believes it is real as you can see from

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