A Beautiful Mind Analysis

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In the film A Beautiful Mind, John Nash is introduced as a mathematician attending the prestigious school, Princeton University, as a graduate student with a roommate, Charles. He produces an idea in governing dynamics and is offered an appointment almost anywhere. Him and two of his friends go to Wheeler Enterprises and Nash also works as a teacher at MIT since their office is on the university campus. where Nash serves as a teacher. Nash falls in love with one of his students and they marry. He is then recruited to serve William Parcher, a government worker, to help break codes from Russia about an atomic bomb. He begins to go insane and his wife worries and calls a psychiatric hospital for John be admitted. The doctor diagnoses John with paranoid schizophrenia and they realize that his college roommate and Parcher and the mission is not real either. He is put on medication, but has a relapse later. He stops taking the medicine, but learns to ignore the imaginary people and situations. His life becomes as normal as it possibly can and he eventually earns a Nobel Prize for his original work in economics. From the beginning of the movie, it was obvious John Nash was different from those around him. He rarely made eye contact with anyone. He rarely spoke unless it was of his passion, math. He rarely stopped working and thinking about one area, his work. While schizophrenia was not the only probable reason for this behavior, the symptoms aligned. Many psychologists would have seen the signs immediately, but not being a professional, I was unaware of the specific mental disorder or illness Nash exhibited many of these symptoms, but it wasn’t until later in the film that I realized why he had a psychological illness. The symptoms John was experiencing were caused by the schizophrenia. This disorder causes people to see people and items that are not real and all in their head. It also causes them to act with the people in their head, which can cause odd behavior when they are alone or around others. Throughout the movie, I noticed when John was stressed his behavior was different. This was later explained in his diagnosis because Nash was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, which is why he was

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