A Beautiful Mind Analysis

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“A Beautiful Mind” directed by Ron Howard is a 2001 biographical film starring Russel Crowe. This film recounts the life story of John Nash, a Nobel Prize winner who also struggled with schizophrenia. Nash was a mathematical genius who was accepted into the prestigious University of Princeton. This movie chronicles Nash’s journey prior to his diagnosis and how the illness impacted his life as he battled to control it. This film provides information and awareness into the world that those with this psychological condition reside in. Throughout the picture, Nash is shown to suffer with many symptoms that are typically prescribed to those with schizophrenia. The film begins in 1947 as Nash arrives at Princeton after receiving the Carnegie Scholarship for mathematics. Immediately, he meets a group of other students, one of which is his future roommate Charles. Nash creates a concept that he later publishes about governing dynamics. Years pass, and Nash has now been given invitation to work at the Pentagon cracking soviet terrorist encrypted communications. A man named William Parcher soon confronts Nash claiming to work for the Department of Defense and gives him a new assignment. Nash is now tasked with looking for clandestine patterns and messages and delivering them to a secret mailbox. During this time, Nash meets a girl named Alicia Larde and after dating for a while the two fall in love and get married. After witnessing a shootout between Parcher and Soviet terrorist

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