A Beautiful Mind By John Nash Essay

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Pushing Past the Voices, Delusions, and Hallucinations: A Beautiful Mind A Beautiful Mind, about John Nash, follows him has he goes through life living with schizophrenia and accomplishing the biggest feat; knowing reality from unreality. When people with schizophrenia are around others, that is when their mental illness shows. Social behavior affects everyone based on who they are around and the thoughts and feelings as a response to how others act and treat you (Grant, 1963). They do not know how to respond in social situations correctly and are often thought of as retarded, but they are just as normal as every other person. Schizophrenic patients are taught to live with their symptoms so that they can live a satisfying life (Mendel, 1989). John Nash did eventually learn to live a satisfying life, but not without many struggles endured by many schizophrenic people. Treating schizophrenia is just that, treating the symptoms to help change the patient’s life, not altering the length or presence of the illness, because we don’t know how to cure it (Mendel, 1989). To be able to cure schizophrenia we would have to understand the causes people of all ages develop. It is the drugs and therapy that help control the symptoms, so the one affected can live a comparatively normal life, having more control over knowing what reality and unreality is. People are treated, so they can better find the clear sense of one’s self. They do not know where their bodies stop, and all the
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