Essay on A Beautiful Mind: Case Study of Schizophrenia

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“A Beautiful Mind” movie is based on the case study of real life mathematician John Nash who suffered from schizophrenia. The aspects of schizophrenia affected John Nash in many ways. Ethics is defined in the textbook as, “Are the tools or behaviors that one employs to achieve a desired outcome. Means can be either good or bad. Ends are those outcomes that one desires to achieve”(Polgar &Thomas, 2008). The movies case study, include the sign and symptoms, social effects and treatment of schizophrenia and how it took a toll on his overall career. John Nash behaviors fell under ethical, unethical, Machiavellian, and subjective this was due to him suffering from schizophrenia. Schizophrenia Schizophrenia is a mental illness that has major…show more content…
(2011). The plot of the film revolves around the life of John Nash, a genius mathematician who had paranoid schizophrenia. Nash’s autonomy helped assisted him in overcome the stigma associated with schizophrenia. Mathematicians Observation: John demonstrates a unique ability to see patterns with a pattern rising off the glass and synchronizing with patterns on Neilson’s tie. This can be tied to on of his symptoms of schizophrenia in which there is assault on his senses and therefore, when he sees something it looks somewhat bright and distorted by color or shape. • New stressor: John although at Princeton University as a student, he feels as if he has major competitors who humiliate him by calling him a waiter instead of him being a student of math. Since this has happened John retreats from the situation and heads towards his room where he experiences isolation as he looks outside at other students who are interacting with another. At this moment this stressor is high because he displays a positive symptom of hallucination. The Challenge (During College) The stress of the competition is reinforced as Martin defeats John in a mathematical board game while also reminding John that two colleagues, Bender and Sol, have published a paper and Martin, himself, has two papers under review. The defeat causes John to rush away from his peers with a very obvious physical clumsiness. The
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