A Beautiful Mind Is A Movie Based On The Life Of Mathematician

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Introduction A beautiful mind is a movie based on the life of Mathematician Dr. John Nash. Through Dr. Nash, I will explore the causes, effects, and treatment of paranoid schizophrenia. To begin to understand this disorder of paranoid Schizophrenia we need to know how this debilitating mental disorder works. Schizophrenia is a long-lasting, severe and disabling mental disorder. Normally, schizophrenia victims experience non-existent external voices. At times people suffering from this condition may find themselves to be extremely jumpy and sometimes they may be in complete silence without talking to anyone or motionless for prolonged periods of time. Most schizophrenics also suffer from executive function deficit. This function deficit makes it extremely difficult for them to carry out their day to day activities. Schizophrenia symptoms not only vary among troubled individuals, they often vary with individuals over the course of time (Cooke, 2014). When looking at Dr. Nash early life, we can tell that he was brilliant mind. Starting from when he was in high school, Dr. Nash was one of the handfuls of students countrywide that got awarded the George Westinghouse Award. He was accepted into Princeton University where he made his first impression on his peers. The film takes place in a key period where the advancement of schizophrenia treatment was up-and-coming. The film expeditiously delineates the indications of schizophrenia, as Dr. Nash’s social unwieldiness,
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