A Beautiful Mind Schizophrenia

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In the movie, A Beautiful Mind, John Nash is the main character who gets accepted into Princeton. He is an extremely smart man who is very gifted in mathmatecis and looks for patterns in everyday life. John Nash has a mental disorder in which he imagines situations and people that are not real: this is called Schizophrenia. John Nash lives in his apartment with his imaginary roomate: Charles Herman. John is also recrutied by another character that he imagines: William Parcher. John imagines that he is recruited by the United States government to work against the Russians to find out where the Russians are going to plant a nuclear bomb. He gets married to a woman named Alicia, and she eventually figures out about the situation. A doctor is called (named Dr. Rosen) to help to try and treat John’s case of Schizophrenia. John goes to a mental hospital where they…show more content…
When he stops taking these pills John starts to hallucinate and see these characters again. He returns to his “work” (cutting up newspaper articles) for William Parcher again, but eventually Alicia finds out about this again. Alicia calls Dr. Rosen but John refuses to go back to the mental hospital. Alicia allows this and remains living with John. John decides to go back to Princeton and start taking some classes because he thinks this might help his Schizophrenia. John’s learns to ignore the imaginary characters and begins to teach a class at Princeton; while John is teaching this class he is nominated for the Nobel Prize and wins. Schizophrenia is a brain disease that affects a person’s abilities to think, feel, and behave clearly. Schizophrenia is a disorder charachterized by severe disturbances in thinking, mood, awarenenss, and behavior. One symptom of schizophrenia is social isolation. John Nash isolates himself from people in the movie so that he can try and find patterns between different things. People with schizophrenia will start to imagine things that
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