A Behavioral Treatment Plan For Carlos

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Treatments Psychodynamic It has been established that problems began for Carlos soon after the death of his cousin. He began to worry about his own health and that he might soon suffer from a heart attack as well. Using psychodynamic therapy, using free association and helping Carlos to look at his past through regular therapy sessions. Carlos would be able to see that when he lost his cousin he actually merged their identities in order to symbolically bring him back. The talk therapy may also reveal any issues that may exist in his subconscious. For example maybe he really feels trapped in his job and/or possibly frustrated with the way that his brothers treat him in regards to running the company. Behavioral As he sank deeper into his…show more content…
Cognitive The goal of cognitive therapy is to help the client change their negative views about life. Aaron Beck developed one type of cognitive therapy. The therapy helps people identify their maladaptive cognitions and change the ways of thinking that underwrite to their psychological disorder. This therapy has four phases. Phase one includes increasing the clients activity and elevating their mood, phase two is to challenge the clients automatic thoughts, phase three is to identify their negative thinking and biases, and then phase four is changing their primary attitudes. For Carlos the phases could go as follows, phase one, getting him to go back to work and spend more time with his family, this increases his level of activity and these are two things that he enjoys and things that should elevate his mood. Phase two would be to challenge the negative thoughts that have become automatic to him, for example, when he thinks of his children as orphans, say but they need their father and it is his duty to be there for them. Phase three would be to point out that the fact that he already sees his children as orphans is not the a good way to view the situation, and remind him that it is his duty as a father to be there for them. Then phase four is to change his primary attitudes, reminding him that his thoughts are simply that, thoughts. They are merely streams of thought and not variables that guide behavior and decisions. Sociocultural The therapy approach
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