A Behind-the-Scenes Look on How Organizations Are Advertising Job Openings on Social Media

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I never had to interview for any of my positions when I moved to a new assignment. Before I retired from the Air Force in 2012, I took a Transition Assistance Program (TAP) class. This class went over in depth about preparing the resume and how to interview but made no mention on how organizations use social media for recruiting. As a volunteer for a non-profit company, I’ve also watched the employees in the HR department struggle to find the right candidate for their administrative assistant position. For the last six months or more, they have relied heavily on a rotating roster of temp agency workers while they continue to interview potential candidates. In the meantime, HR employees are burden with extra duties until the position is filled. The HR department used job boards to advertise the position, but some candidates get as far as a second round of interviews but don’t pan out. This paper’s purpose is to take a behind the scenes looks on how organizations are advertising job opening in the social media age and what are the best practices for recruiting talent in the social media age.
What companies are doing now
Social media is a growing facet of the recruitment process, but is not the only source organizations use to advertise their jobs. According to Sinha and Thaly (2013), social media is part of a multi-prong approach and is combined with several other avenues:
• Employee Referral…
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