A Bend In The Ganges Analysis

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Sensitive Issues Flowed in Manohar Malagonkar’s ‘A Bend in the Ganges’
Abstract: The present paper tried to discuss sensitive issues depicted in Manohar Malagaonkar’s ‘A Bend in the Ganges’. It is learnt that Indian freedom struggle became a historical event in the Indian socio-polity but also on the world map. During Indian freedom movement partition took place. The consequences of partition, Hindu-Muslim communal riots, loss of lives to get freedom have been discussed in the paper.

Key Words: : Sensitive issues, Partition, Freedom Movement, Sepoy Mutiny, British reign, Colonial rule

INTRODUCTION: Manohar Malgaonkar, a versatile writer put a strong impression in Indian Writing in English. He is known for his novels which depict issues like struggle for freedom, sepoy mutiny, partition and non-violence etc. ‘A Bend in the Ganges’ is one of his most discussed novels and Manohar Malagaonkar depicted sensitive issues of Hindu-Muslim and partition in it. It is a story of Indian freedom struggle and love towards nationalism. The novel deals with why and how the freedom movement turned into a terrorist movement which was not predicted and not expected in India during British reign. With imagery characters,the whole novel has been interwoven with episodes and characterization. Indians achieved their goal and got
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Shakti Batra opines as “unlike Khushwant Singh, Malgaonkar...presents the political side of the Partition from the point of view of Gain, the ardent disciple of Gandhi and his creed of nonviolence; Debidayal, the terrorist, and Hafiz Khan and Shafi Usaman, the communalists. Malgaonkar's account takes …than something which emerges out of the characters themselves and their convictions. This 'detachment' also marks his narration of the partition riots, when they are compared to similar descriptions by Khushwant
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