A Best Friend For Ten Years Of Life

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Most people are lucky enough to have a best friend. For boys, there may be more than one, and for girls there may only be one. For me, I’ve had three great friends in my twenty years and multiple acquaintances that were more of a lesson than a blessing. Out of those three friends, there has only been one that has been consistent. Whether we’re fighting or not, Savannah has been my best friend for ten years now.
It all started back in fifth grade. I was a new to the ‘girl’ world. My first ten years of life were filled with tomboy activities and being the only girl at the birthday parties. Fifth grade changed everything for me. The boys were more interested in the girls and I was being left out more on the playground. It was softball that
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Tension built between us and I soon found myself growing closer to someone else in the tenth grade. One of the three I mention in the beginning. Her name is Danielle. She was also a part of a duo, but her partner was her twin named Hannah. The three of us became close, but Danielle and I more than Hannah. Her humor was like nothing I had encountered before and she kept me laughing most the time. At the end of tenth grade, Hannah and Danielle found out they were going to have to move to Florence and we were all heartbroken. Everyone loved the twins, they brought a light to that dreary time of high school. They joy and humor were contagious and when they moved there was an obvious hole left. During this time Savannah was still heavily involved with her new friends, but clearly jealous of my new friendship as well.

The real heartache didn’t happen until that summer. Although Florence was not too far away, it was still hard to keep a friendship going while living two completely different lives. That summer, Hannah and Danielle were suddenly moved to Kansas City. I remember crying my eyes out as Danielle text me the news that they were on their way to a different state. I’m not going to lie; it broke me in a way
I had never experienced before. The news of the twins move spread quickly on social media. The next day I had softball practice. I remember walking into the dugout and everything going silent. My teammates knew of my connection to the
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