Essay on A Better Earth

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The patient's condition is serious. Symptoms are multiple. His health is noxious. He has a fever, higher than ever before. Efforts to bring it down are not working. Poison has been found in body fluids. When symptoms are treated in one area, more pop up in other areas. If this were a usual patient, doctors would be inclined to declare the multiple sicknesses as chronic and terminal. Not knowing what else to do, they would just take steps to make the patient as comfortable as possible until the end came.

However, this is not a human patient. It is our home - the earth. The store scenario well depicts what is happening to our planet, dirty air, global warning, polluted waters, and toxic wastes are just a few of the maldies of our very ill
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Some people become accustomed to frequent news of dangers to the environment and the ever-growing socio-political races, perhaps even thinking. "That is not of great concern as long as it does not affect me." However, whether we realize it or not, the wholesale destruction of the earth's environment affects the vast majority of people. Since contamination of our planet is now so pervasive, it likely already affects more than one aspect of our lives. Thus all should be concerned about the health and preservation of our home. After all, where else would we live.

Just how widespread is the problem? How sick is the earth? How are people's lives affected? How do we achieve a better earth? Let us take a look at just a few factors that help us to understand why our earth is not just wildly indisposed but, instead seriously ill.


The earth, the third planet in our solar system, which is moving round our energy, the sun. The earth is made out of three main regions, the core, the mantle and the crust. The core makes up the central zone and contains molten materials with temperatures exceeding 6000K. The mantle is mainly solid rock, but under steady pressure and at high temperature; this material flows like a liquid. Encasing the mantle is the crust, the solid surface layer, which varies in
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