A Better Life

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A Better Life

Joshua Wilkinson

Utilizing Information in College Writing Com 125

Instructor Melissa Simms-Powell

August 05, 2007 Within the last few decades the world has become more educated then ever. The information we now have on medicine and general knowledge is helping people live longer and healthier lives. Many people seek the fountain of youth, but little do they know it is all about what they eat and how they exercise that prolongs life. Modern science shows us simple steps in everyday life could quite possibly lead to a healthier and longer life. By utilizing both good nutritional habits and exercise can improve ones life.

Nutrition is the relationship of foods to the health of the human body. Proper nutrition
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Author Elizabeth Ward states, "If you want better sex, take care of your health. It makes sense, healthy arteries promote maximum blood flow to the heart, brain and genitals, while well-controlled blood sugar levels prevent damage to genital nerves." (Ward 2007) Quite simply if someone wanted a better sex life, they should try to incorporate exercise daily and start eating healthier. When people are happy with their sex lives, stress levels in their body are low. If stress levels are low, metabolism works faster; this in turn helps to burn more calories.

It is hard to say what plan works for every person. This is mainly because there is no plan that works for every person. Every person's body is different. Some work faster than others, some have slower metabolisms, and some are just non-complacent. Some people take supplements to help lose weight while others take prescribed drugs to help increase their metabolism. There is something out there for everyone. Anyone can go hire a personal trainer to help them lose weight. Anyone can go hire a nutritionist to tell them what foods to eat. Some people even go to their family doctor and ask what diet plan is right for them. There are hundreds of products out there to fulfill anyone's dietary needs. From energy drinks to slim fast, from lean cuisines to protein bars, from 100 calorie packs to snack wells, more products come out each year designed to help people with their dietary needs. The problem is

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