A Better Manager : What Makes A Good Manager?

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A Better Manager 1 Conflict is when you are coming into a disagreement or an argument that may arise. As a manager in a workforce, that manager should always expect to have some sort of conflict; whether it is with other managers or subordinates that work under that management. There is very difference situation in which makes a good manager versus what makes a bad manager. For instance, most successful managers come from life experience such as learning the techniques of handling situations that arrives on the jobs, while unexperienced managers might not have the skill set to lead. Overall, managers are the go between for the subordinates and upper management such as the CEO of a company or General manager of the…show more content…
The success of a business normally falls on the shoulders of the management team. While this statement may be true, it also falls on the shoulder of those employees who work for that company as well. There will always be some kind of adversity in any business or corporation. Take the military for instance, most people join the military with very little experience, even so much as joining the military straight out of high school. Depending on that particular organization, some people may advance to a management position much faster than others; it all depends on that organization advancement opportunity. While most managers can be advance at a rapid rate because of their knowledge of the business, but it still may not have the quality it takes to run a full on work team. “As a nonmanagerial employee, you probably didn 't have access to a lot of the company information your boss did. Now that you 're a leader, you 'll be a more involved in planning and strategy work, and it 's important to keep your team informed about what 's going on in the organization as a whole” (Taylor, 2014). New managers can be face with many challenges that may be far their expectation. Often when you are just another worker, you tend to not have to be involved in other’s personal issues, but now that you are a new manager, things can and will arise in which you have to deal with your worker’s personal issues. There are many times where
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