A Better Perspective On Health Care Systems

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Health care has been an arising and ongoing concern across the nation for years. The United States has a market-based health insurance system which in turn deprives a large number of citizen’s their health care necessities. This crisis continues in America despite the available resources that can be implemented to protect our right to health and consider a structured or set level of health care spending. Other counties around the world; just to name a few, Japan, Switzerland and Germany, have managed to reform their health care systems to provide health care for everyone. To get a better perspective on health care systems, I will identify and address the different health care systems around the world, outline America’s health care issues, possible solutions, and address the Affordable Health Care Act. Let’s take a look at Taiwan, they have an ideal health care system in which I favor, where everyone is covered making it mandatory for everyone to have insurance with full access to seek any provider or specialists and having personal identification cards in place to make administration for providers and patients accessible and convenient. Japan is second runner up on having a well-established system, they to have a system to where everyone is covered either through their work or community based plans with access to see any specialist or provider, and each medical procedure has a set price for every physician at any clinic creating balance and equality among the Japanese
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