A Better Picture Of Our Projected Revenues, Growth And Cash

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Financial Indicators and Analysis To see a better picture of our projected revenues, growth and cash, there is a chart that was formulated through research on the industry and research on competitors found in Figure 1.1. There is growth and it is only accelerating. More than 110 million people are already using dating apps and this target market is huge.6 The growth in our revenue is reasonable because there is a growing market for dating applications and so the potential market is the reason for our growth. There are over 1.7 million university students in Canada alone.13 If you include the United States, there are 28 million students in post-secondary education.4Although revenues are less than expenses within the first two years, revenue jumps and we expect to make profit after the second year. This is generally the case with companies like ours, it takes time before obtaining enough users to make a profit. Using those resources, we are able to invest and expand our business into more markets and countries. We want to have a steady supply of cash in order to have a safety net for unforeseen problems in the future. It will also allow us to purchase additional assets when we need to. Start Up Costs and Revenue Streams Creating a mobile application is not easy and it is not cheap. After talking to numerous app development firms, a reasonable quote that we have come to is $200,000 and we will hire developers to produce this app. Our app is complex, requires a database

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