A Bible Study, My Passage Comes From Matthew 8 : 5-13 Essay

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Passage For this Bible study, my passage comes from Matthew 8:5-13. It is the story of the Roman Centurion with the servant who was very sick. This is the Centurion whom Jesus said had the greatest faith in all of Israel. Translation Comparison I read the passage in three different version of the Bible. They were New English Translation (NET), New King James Version (NKJV), and Good News Translation (GNT). A first difference I noticed in the different translations was that in verse 5, in the New English Translation, it says a centurion came to him “asking” for help while the other version said that he “pleaded” and “begged” with Jesus. Also in verse 6, in the Good News Translation, the centurion calls Jesus “Sir” while in the other translations, he calls Jesus “Lord”. The rest of these verses only had minor wording differences. Context Immediate Context The Immediate context of the story helps to show us that Jesus is on a journey, before this passage in Matthew 5:1 he begins teaching great multitudes on a unnamed mountain. When he comes down from the mountain (Matthew 8:1) the multitudes are still following him as he cleanses a leper (Matthew 8:2-4) After the story of the Centurion, these multitudes of people follow Jesus around as he heals peters mother-in-law (Matthew 8:14-17) and challenges a few people who profess that they want to follow him (Matthew 8:18-22). until he gave orders to sail to the other side of the lake with his disciples. This is when Jesus calms a

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