A Big Drought In Texas

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In 2011 Texas entered into a drought that was the worst the state had seen since modern record keeping began 1895. During the driest months of this drought, the water level of two of the largest water resources for two-thirds of the state were measured at 28 percent less than the average water level. In summer of 2013 central Texas received numerous rains, and many people believed it was a sign that the drought had eased, Unfortunately Texas was far from out of the drought. Today Texas water levels barley sit above one-third full. This is a big problem for Texans everywhere because, Texas uses water for everything from its drinking water, to its agriculture, to its recreational activities. According to the TWDB by 2060 the drought will have cost Texas $116 billion dollars in income loses, 1.1 million job losses, and a decrease in population of about 1.4 million people. In an effort to conserve the water supply on February 21, 2014 state judges recommended a higher cut off point for farmers (Henry & Dropkin, In Central Texas, Water War Shows No Signs of Drying Up, 2014). This would mean that water would not be sent to the farmers for irrigation for a third year in a row. Concerned farmers are saying that insurance companies will not be able to keep up with the continued losses for crop insurance, and they will lose their livelihoods. Low lake levels are also creating issues for fishing guides who also make their living off the water; the low water levels are making it
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