A Big Goal For Lee Medical Supply

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A big goal for Lee Medical Supply in this negotiation is to ensure that the critical issues that could potentially affect the future of Lee Medical Supply be worked out in such a way that not only capitalize upon the strengths of Lee Medical Supply, but remain truthful to our corporate character, which is vital for our reputation, and being able to continue to do business in Thailand. Effective preplanning will be essential to this successful negotiation that begins with filling out the utilization of the Strategic Global Negotiation Preparation Guide Context of Global Negotiation Grid. This plan has helped our firm prepare for major factors such as define goals and interests (ranking priorities) context of the global negotiation,…show more content…
A key point of BATNA will be to add value to Lee Medical. Our BATNA does take into consideration worst case outcomes to avoid any impacts on Lee Medical. An important goal is to be culture competent. From a COI perspective these two countries are both cultural opposite based on Thinking Styles, Interaction Styles and Sense of Self. The only similarity between both organizations is that they both have an inductive “Thinking style.” It makes sense to try and capitalize on this similarity. Both parties will be interested in discussing concrete cases, facts, and evidence, rather than abstract theories. I have reviewed the U.S.A. critical negotiating differences to identify the key difference in processes and practice for negotiating powers, negotiators, values, preparation, protocol, structure, compromise and conflict structure. We are very dissimilar. I find that MedDevice’s organization to be very much in line with the aspects mentioned in the COI. I have set time to role playing the negotiations to get ready to address who, what and how of the negotiations in case our top interests are contested. It will be critical to have an accurate cultural context. Although I completed my MBA from the U.S.A. it was six years ago. I am familiar with U.S.A. cross cultural aspects, but I am rusty. I hired a consultant that is very adept of U.S.A. culture and will be able to

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