A Big Role In The World Of Statistics Is Played By What

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A big role in the world of statistics is played by what is known as variables. For a clearer understanding Siddharth Kalla explains, “In statistics, variables are central to any analysis and they need to be understood well by the researcher…In statistics, variables can contain a value or description of what is being studied in the sample or population.” (Kalla, 2011, para. 1 & 2). Meaning, a variable can essentially be anything that can be analyzed because it has the ability to be counted. Take for instance a family of individuals, there is a point of reference in which they are deemed family and within the population of that family some individuals might be of different age, gender, height, weight, etc. each of those things are variables…show more content…
Given what is known now about linear correlation and linear regression, it can be further understood how bivariate data, within a sample population could be figured. For instance, if one wanted to determine the relationship between a math classes test scores and study/prep time, variable one would be the test scores and variable two is the hours each student spends studying and prepping for the test. The bivariate data, since it is the data of the students would be the test scores and time spent studying and prepping (Study.com, 2017). When reviewing the bivariate data and comparing the variables to one another the numbers indicate that the students with the highest test scores have spent more hours studying and prepping and those will little study and prep time scored lower on their tests. This indicates that a correlation between the variables could be measured using linear correlation and linear regression. The values in this example would be measured by initially determining which of the variables are independent and dependent. The independent variable in this case would be something that the student has control over, which is the amount of studying and prep time devoted to the test, so that would be called the x variable, as the students have control over how much time is allotted to studying. The dependent variable in the example would be the test scores, deemed y as it is
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