A Bilingual Family Essay

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Canagarajah was born at a bilingual family. He considered himself as a “fortunate traveler who has shuttled between Communities and Literacies by economy class.” The author argued that "the conventions governing academic discourse are different because the culture of different discourses communities; the evaluation standards on literature depends on audiences themselves, which are quite subjective; the problem of style can be ideological and has a different outlook because it hindered people who influence by various backgrounds to show their critical points of view. As ESL students, I have many resonances with Canagarajah, from my point of view; I think people should write for their audiences. There are two reasons as follows.

Firstly, it is important for us to write papers that can meet audience needs, so that the paper you write can truly bring practical knowledge to your audiences. To accomplish this goal, I suggest that we should figure out the target audience at the beginning and then understand some fundamental characteristics about our audiences, in other words, know the level of your audiences so that we can write more effectively and be in better control of how well our writing is received by those audiences. For example, Canagarajah wrote this article mainly for ESL students. At the beginning, he talked about his childhood, which is similar with many ESL students, because both of our oral discourses affect our English writing. Canagarajah had made so many mistakes
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