A Bill Persuasive Speech

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When talking about life achievements, people recognize a well known person who’s accomplished many of the big things in life such as saving a child from drowning or donating millions of dollars to charity. But people ignore huge ‘inner’ accomplishments that relate to just being simply happy in life. William Robert a.k.a Bill, hasn’t yet saved a child, nor does he donate millions of dollars to charity; however many people in his life can conclude that he is one of the most loving people they've ever met.
To the world, Bill is no more than an ordinary human. But to Bill’s close family and friends, Bill is an extraordinary human. Joe, Bills room mate and best friend since college, says “Bill’s biggest accomplishment is learning to love the people
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Jane Robert, Bill’s mother, died due to a heart attack from the stress of her beloved husband. “Because such a wise heart couldn't bare losing its soulmate, it went along with it” says Bill’s sister Kate Fleming. “Losing our parents the same week was very hard on us; but Bill took it the worst because our parents were the only two people who inspired bill to be positive at times even when he was more down than usual”.
While Joe was taking care of Bill, Joe saw how deeply his friend was struggling with his self identity and the realization of the cruel world. Bill had nothing to offer but deep hatred for the people around him. When he would come home from work everyday, he would shut down the world with the blinds and the door that lead to loneliness and sadness under the blankets in his bed. There was no hope left from Bill, at least his family and friends thought
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His attitude towards life helped me get through many of my difficulties” says Joe. “But one of the greatest things Bill has done for me was working nonstop hours after after when I was trying to find a job, and he did so with no complaining what so ever. In fact, he was so happy to help me. He truly has changed to someone everyone loves. The world needs more people like Bill because Bill knows how to love everyone around him so deeply”.
When things were going fantastic for Bill, he experienced another traumatic event. Losing his greatest companion, Kelly (Bill’s dog), Bill experienced yet another heartbreak from someone he deeply cared for. Although Bill was heartbroken, this time he understood that life goes on whether or not he wants it to. He chose to celebrate the great times he had with Kelly from those long walks or those long hours of just napping together. This time, Bill wasn’t sitting in his bedroom alone and sad. He was out hiking on his favorite trail celebrating and talking about the great memories he had with Kelly and he shared this moment with
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