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1. Comment on the passage on page 54 that begins "Most of the craziness in this world-violence, addictions and frenetic activity comes from running away from pain." Disguising a person 's name (if you use one) and applying the value of confidentiality, discuss some of your observations at your field placement of people (or perhaps even staff or the organization as a whole) in "pain". Using a "person in environment" perspective and a bio-psycho-social-spiritual lens, discuss your findings. (Hint: use this question to get ready to informally present a case or pertinent clinical example during small group in the next few weeks.)

I had the pleasure to speak with a young lady that fits this description perfectly. It’s sad, but true about
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Lately, she has been seeking guidance and support to rebuild her spirit and faith.

In regards to Melanie’s road to recovery there was several suggests to help her get back on track. The first was to seek professional help for and assessment of a physical, mental, and emotional state. While exploring these avenues, I also suggested mediation. I discussed mediation with her because it has been beneficially to me and I thought it would be something she could try when she began to feel that things were overwhelming. Also, meditation is free and it can be practiced in the comfort of your home or anywhere you feel comfortable.

To conclude, this observation of Melanie was conducted over a three to four week period. I’m happy to report that Melanie is doing much better, although many of her troubles still exist, she now has resources, a support team, and coping methods to help her get through this traumatic experience.

2. How do you personally define happiness? What makes you happy?

When I approached this statement I pondered for quite a bit. It was a bit depressing. Happiness should be exactly what it says being happy. For me, there was a period that happiness did not exist and when I reflect about this period its becomes overwhelming. This chapter in my life was dark and didn’t think that I could ever truly be happy again. With that being said, happiness to me is peace of mind,
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