A Biography Of Margaret S

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A Biography of Margaret S. Mahler Krystal Williamson University of Holy Cross Abstract Born in Sopron, Hungary Margaret S Schönberger was a child with a troubled past. Her father, Gustav Schonberger, was a general practitioner and the chief public health officer for the district. Her mother, Eugenia Weiner, was a competent homemaker. Margaret had a younger sister by the name of Suzanne. The family was described as an upper middle class family, in which the children spoke Hungarian in the presence of their father and German with their mother. Because of her Eugenia’s unhappiness from an unwanted early marriage and pregnancy, Mahler existence was a reason of her younger sister’s flagrant attention from her mother. Mahler often turned to her father. He supported her extraordinary mental power and looked upon her as his masculine extension. Mahler has great belief that she wasn’t feminine or pretty enough to attract the male species. She did not look in mirrors until the age of 16. She also envied her sister because of her undeniable look of natural beauty. She believed that no one can love her and if they did she would have to be inferior to the man so she could dominate the relationship. She became determined to become independent and her father supported her very ideas. Her independence led her to the construction of ideas that formed theories clinicians still use today. Introduction Stemming from a rocky childhood, Margaret Mahler becomes
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