A Biography Of Max Weber

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Biography of Weber: Max Weber was born in Erfurt, Thuringia in 1864 into a prominent and well off family (weber 1930) was brought up in Berlin. He came from the German upper middle class. His father was a great figure in politics of the National Liberal Party and his mother was a house wife. He was brought up in an era after the world war I where the dramatically changes pushed for industrial revolution. Max took up law, but left it before time in life. He was never interested in the academic specialty. He was an intellectual of the first degree, with far-ranging interests in sociology, religion, economics, and political science. After the first world war he was one of the founder of the liberal German democratic party. Weber was in the…show more content…
Also because of this situation, people in the organisation will not be able to lead a creative and happy life, as they would be forced to work in a highly rational society with rigid rules and without able to change it. Weber (1958) showed how this exact materialistic, individualist ethic was used to develop effectiveness, productivity, wealth formation, and self-interest. Weber’s challenge with most important contemporary management scholars, was to develop a new approach to management and organization grounded in the teachings of new prophets. The worth of such professionals for the organisation will depend on the accumulation of knowledge and understanding that has generated skills, necessary for the work in an organisation. Management theory of Weber: Weber professed many theories, a few are mentioned below: Theory on Capitalism: In social capitalism, huge public institutions evened the financial volatility of capitalist markets by sharing risk and reduced social instability by creating group employment within their widespread lower rungs of the organisations. The charismatic leadership: According to Weber, the Charismatic leader is one who is extraordinary, who appears only in chaotic times. He is not the officer or boss, but rather from among the group. Thus, a charismatic leader emerges swiftly in times of want, uncertainty or suffering.
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