A Biography Of President Ronald W. Reagan 's Life

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Preface This book is a dynamic biography of former President Ronald W. Reagan’s life, both before and after his time in the White House. President Reagan’s excellent character and integrity are especially highlighted, as well as his extensive political wisdom and collected nature, even in high pressure situations. Peggy Noonan, the author of this book, keeps a consistent praising tone for Reagan throughout the novel, and her love and appreciation for the man is obvious. Reagan went on to win the hearts of many Americans with his charming personality and undeniable charisma, qualities of Reagan that even some of his political adversaries have pointed out. Summary At the very beginning of the book, Noonan includes a quote by the…show more content…
Reagan’s father, Jack, was a binging alcoholic and somewhat of a pessimist, a burden that he carried throughout his younger years (Noonan 20). Despite his seemingly negative impact on Reagan’s life, Jack actually instilled a number of key morals in Ronald, something that the President himself has discussed in his own speeches and novels. Jack Reagan genuinely believed in the moral that all men are created equal, as well as the rights of working class men, values that Ronald carried into his political career (Noonan 21). Reagan lived through a number of historic events, particularly both World Wars, and through these hard times, his parents did not tolerate any kind of racist comments or religious insults and preached the importance of acceptance and social justice (Noonan 22). This attitude shaped Reagan’s character, and he credits his parents for much of his political success, in that they taught him how to tolerate others with opposing values to his (Noonan 25). After graduating from Eureka College with a double major in economics and sociology, Reagan worked as a sports announcer in Iowa before pursuing a career in acting (Noonan 41). In 1937, Dutch signed a contract with the Warner Brothers Movie Studio and was a successful movie actor for the next 30 years. He appeared in over 50 films during this time, including Knute
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