A Biography On My Mom

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I wrote a biography on my mom because she is basically an older and wiser me, but her childhood wasn’t exactly as easy. Lashae Damore Bibbins was born on March fifteenth, 1970 in Los Angeles California at the UCLA Medical Center. She was born on her dad’s birthday and unfortunately, the day her father’s best friend died from a car incident. Lashae’s parents are Lucille and John Jefferson. Her first memory was when she was four or three years old in pre-school called Kimberly Ann in 1973. Lashae says, “I remember they had an ugly red carpet, and I refused to take a nap till the teacher said “okay just lay down quietly”. I used to watch a T.V show called “H.R. Puffin Stuff.” There was a red flute, an ugly green witch and the trees moved and talked.” Lashae’s mom especially remembers when Lashae would cry every time she dropped her off, which gave her a headache. As a child Lashae was most afraid of dying. She would think about it all the time and scare herself. She also remembers the weekends when she was young. “Saturdays were the best because I was able to watch cartoons all morning while drinking hot chocolate and eating toast with grape jelly. My favorite t.v-show to this day was the Brady Bunch.” Lashae had two siblings. Her unreliable older brother, Maurice, who she thought was very weird because he would always lie and steal from their family and an annoying younger sister, Meme, who at the time lived to make Lashae’s life miserable by pretending that Lashae hurt

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