A Biography of Benjamin Franklin Essay

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A Biography of Benjamin Franklin Benjamin Franklin was born into modest circumstances. With sixteen brothers and sisters, there was no room for selfishness. He learned early on the importance of putting others before himself and did not have excessively ambitious plans for the future. As a child, Franklin "...had a strong inclination for the Sea," but his father would not hear of it. He ended up indentured to an older brother, who began his life as a printer. He was a hard worker but preferred to read books, conquer new subject matter, and engage in debates with other young scholars. His hard work did pay off in the financial sense later in life, but of more importance to him was the knowledge and…show more content…
"We kept no idle Servants, our Table was plain and simple, our Furniture of the cheapest. For instance my Breakfast was a long time Bread & Milk, (no Tea), and I ate it out of a twopenny earthen Porringer with a Pewter Spoon (82)," Franklin writes. Another virtue, Industry, goes, "Lose no Time. - Be always employed in something useful. - Cut off all unnecessary Actions," explaining his strong work ethic. Although both Industry and Frugality are both ways of sensibly saving money, they are not necessarily a strategy for becoming wealthy. Also, they are only two components in a long list of virtues, showing that money plays a small part in Franklin's big picture. Others include Temperance, Silence, Order, Resolution, Sincerity, Justice, Moderation, Cleanliness, Tranquility, Chastity, and Humility (85). Franklin diligently practiced all these virtues as well, contributing to his good character. In an essay entitled Busy Body, Franklin states, "Virtue alone is sufficient to make a Man Great, Glorious and Happy (223)." The quest for knowledge remained with Franklin from his youth, throughout his entire life. "From a Child I was fond of Reading, and all the little Money that came into my Hands was ever laid out in Books (13)," Franklin says. His inclination for books compelled his father to set him up in the

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