A Biography of Martin Luther King Jr. Essay

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A Biography of Martin Luther King Jr. "I have a dream…" are the famous words stated by Martin Luther King Jr. on August 28th, 1963 in civil rights movement speech (King). Although King expressed his feelings on that summer day in 1963, his ideas directly reflect his life previous to the speech and have a huge impact on many people even today. Throughout his life, King devoted so much time to the civil rights movement due to his many limits by segregation laws as he was growing up, in addition to the many influences of both people and his religion throughout his life. As a result of Martin Luther King Jr.'s dedication, the blacks were …show more content…
King was very confused and wanted to know why his!

long-time friend would vanish from his life. The boy could only give the explanation that the decision was made by his parents, but King's friend did not mind the decision they had made for the young white child. King ran home to his parents to find out why his good friend did not want to play with him anymore. Martin Luther King's parents told their son that all their lives blacks suffered through many unjust situations because of the racist whites. They even informed young King about how under 100 years ago the majority of blacks were held prisoners as white people's slaves to do the work that the white people did not want to do. King's mother made it very clear that no matter what else anybody said to King, he should never believe that anyone else is better than he was (Shuker, 28). King was incredibly upset by the recent events that occurred and the news, which he had just learned. As a result, King decided that he would not be a friend with any white person until !

they treated him and his race as equals, as they should be treated. As King grew up, he may have become friends with whites, but stuck to his belief that all people should be treated equally, an incredible influence to his later involvement with the civil rights movement.

Along with how King suffered due to racism and segregation, the people and his

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