A Bird Came Down the Walk, and a Narrow Fellow in the Grass, by Emily Dickinson

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"A bird came down the walk” and “A narrow fellow in the grass” are both best

known poems in the world by Emily Dickinson. Both poems talk about descriptions

of nature. “A bird came down the walk” includes birds and images, true to her

usual, easy way to capture the bird's personality. Birds become unyielding nature of

the mysterious emblem. This poem is a simple experience seeing birds

hop down the path and celebrates every detail which is simple but beautiful order of nature. She utilizes playful and guileless rhythm in the poem to depictthe picture of nature. The reader can image a beautiful picture in the romantic poems. Miss Dickinson demonstrates her extraordinary poetic

observation and
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And birds politely let a beetle pass. In lines one and two of stanza

three, the description of the birds look around, it is real instructions and

recommendations of caution and fear of birds, and nature of possible threats. With lines three and

four, speaker introduction, "Pearl" and the birds of civilization, "Velvet." In stanza

four, the idea of danger in nature is made clear but stays a minor note in the stanza. It only occupies

half of a line, "Like one in danger." "Cautious," the speaker gives the fragment . (One of the

characteristics of Dickinson's poetry is a tendency to drop endings but also connecting

words and phrases as well.)Her actions lead the birds to fly off. Her description of his beauty and

grace of his flight details of his flight takes six lines.

In “The narrow fellow in the grass”, Miss Dickinson uses amazing languages to

convey the impression of a moving snake, she uses all of meter methods of creating

rhythm to show her feelings about her encourters with snakes and other nature

creatures. I think it is necessary to mention, many have already decided as the poem

"snake", but anyone familiar with Dickinson's poetry, she did not title her thousands

of poems. From here, I will break the
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