A Birth Defect

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Different studies and different recourses show that about 1 in 33 babies that are born in the U.S have a birth defect. I decided to use this known fact from the Human Biology thirteenth edition textbook by Sylvia S. Mader and Michael Windelpecht due to the fact that not many people know or even care to think about it— that is— unless it happened to them or someone in their own circle. In order to understand how to prevent and test for a birth defect you need to understand some common definitions and words that can be used while reading about the topic. For starters, as stated in the merriam-webster dictionary, the medical definition of defect is “a lack or deficiency of something necessary for adequacy in form or function.” Another word that is used a lot when talking about this subject matter is test and testing. Based on the medical definition a test is “a diagnostic procedure for determining the presence or nature of a condition or disease or for revealing a change in function.” From this definition you can see how the word test is also used in medical vocabulary to see what is wrong with a patient so the doctors can determine what to do next. The last term that I want to explain briefly before continuing is one that people might get confused with, it is the word prevent. Although it might seem like an easy word people still confuse it with the act of curing someone. The dictionary without a doubt states that the word prevent means “to keep from happening or existing”
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