A Black Guy Rapped A Girl Near The Campus Center

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You 've never seen so many black people? The majority of students here are white, one of my classmates said.

I noticed it all the time then, even though the diversity at Bridgewater State was more than I had ever been exposed to, the way whiteness existed was almost the same. Loud. Right. Free. Present, always. And it was amongst my personal life—having contributed to this in my own way before learning the truth. My friends lowered their voices when they talked about black people, as if they were talking about the cunt that lived next door and if she heard, their eyeballs would be ripped out of their sockets and cut open with an X-Acto knife. They were sure to always insert the blackness into the crimes that happened on campus too. A black guy rapped a girl near the campus center. Did you hear about that? There was a stabbing this Saturday on Burrell between two black guys. Did you see those black kids getting arrested? It was outside of East Hall. My anger was slow at first. If he were white would you mention that? I started to challenge. Usually the conversation proceeded with an argument, the answers always the same. But that 's what they are! They 're black! I then refused to use skin color to describe someone. He was tall, dark hair, I 'd say when revealing the looks of a black man but no one knew whom I was talking about until they realized what I was doing. Oh that black guy? Why wouldn 't you just say that? Then my anger was loud. My older sister and

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