A Blacks Woman Struggle

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A Black Woman’s Struggle Shamika Jeffery ENG 125 Stacie Hankinson June 2, 2014

A BLACK WOMAN’S STRUGGLE 2 A Black Woman’s Struggle
Writing is a beautiful way of expressing how a
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Just her braveness and godliness sets an important atmosphere for the story. In “What it is like to be a black girl” author Patricia Smith uses modern day as her setting for her poem. In her poem she speaks of black girls putting on wigs and coloring their eyes with color (Contacts). Here Mrs. Smith enhances a setting of an on- going struggle for acceptance even in this day and age when we all are supposed to feel equal.

Although each literary piece used the same theme, the authors delivered their message of racism in different forms. In short stories “The theme is associated with an idea that lies behind the story”. (Clugston 2010) “The Welcome Table” by Alice Walker was written in short story form. Here Mrs. Walker tells a story in an omniscient third person point of view. She speaks of the main character in the story from the people seeing her approaching and then entering an all-white church. Written in eleven paragraphs, Mrs. Walker uses descriptive words to describe the old black lady and the incident from the onlookers the way they perceived her to be. Unlike the short story, the theme of a poem is rarely stated explicitly: it has to be looked for, discovered. And to identify it, you must consider the implications and representations of everything that appears in the poem”. (Clugston 2010) In the poem “What it is like to be a
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