A Blind Eye to Our Abused Children in In A Child Called It by Dave Pelzer

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She was washing the dishes as if though she was racing against time, when suddenly the front door slammed shut. The startling sound made her drop a glass onto the floor. In a frantic effort to clean up the broken glass, she immediately was struck in the back of the head, only to awaken in a cold damp basement several hours later. When discovered, she had two broken ribs and a fractured arm. Her eyes were black and blue, swollen shut apparently from crying for hours. Her body appeared to be extremely malnourished as if though she was using her own urine and defecation as means of nutrition. Once the coroner completed the autopsy, he concluded that the result of death was a beating so hard across the abdomen that the five-year-olds intestines ruptured, which led to an internal bleeding. Two weeks prior to her death, a social worker noticed the abused child when the mother sought out services for food stamps. She had noticed the bruising on her arms, and her eyes, her eyes told a story no one could describe. So very often, ourselves we experience the abuse of children. For example, attending little league basketball, baseball, or soccer games. Somewhere along the line, parents and some grandparents have forgotten that these activities are learning experiences for our youth - not a showcase for verbal abuse! Unfortunately, for many of our nation’s children the judicial system will not allow a “non-family member” to intervene to help and protect them from their abuser

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