A Blueprint For Success For Mobile Traffic From Adwords

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Shape Your Blueprint for Success for Mobile Traffic from AdWords

Mobile phones have come a long way - to think, at one point in time it was used to call. Fast-forward to modern day, where we are logging online and accessing platforms that traditionally were only available on desktops.

Granted we have accepted the fact that the way we use mobiles has changed, but the services and information we seek are the same. Whether it is searching on Google on your mobile, or logging on to a social media platform, the mobile phone has come a long way!

Mobile Devices Dominating Internet Traffic

In 2014, there were countless articles about mobile exceeding PC traffic for the first time in history. Google announced #mobilegeddon early this year, saying, “It’s the year of the mobile”. It’s almost laughable to think that someday this was news. Especially, as it’s estimated that by 2017, 85% of the world will have access to 3G (Ericsson, 2015). If this is a glimpse into the future, then businesses require a mobile strategy.

For years, the simple solution for mobile device has been a responsive website: where your site automatically resizes based on your device. A responsive website, is deemed to be the Holy Grail for all sites, but in most cases, they forget one very important factor - user experience.

Responsive Design Alone are not Meeting the Mark

Let’s face it: responsive websites are ok. Now let’s picture your user wanting to book an appointment and they land on a page that…
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