A Bmw Pre-Owned Advertisement, Published In Greece, Shows

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A BMW pre-owned advertisement, published in Greece, shows a beautiful young woman clearly naked laying in bed exposing only a tad bit of her chest with her hair perfectly curled, open lips, and perfect teeth gazing upward in a sensual trance. Immediately to the bottom right, a BMW ‘pre owned’ logo is displayed. To the bottom left, “You know you’re not the first, but do you really care?” is written. The ad is very successful with using sexual desires and prominence appeals by relating it to previous historical sexual connotations. In fact, it taps into the lustful desires of men to push themselves to make emotionally driven purchases in order to achieve a false sense of status by degrading women in the process.
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This was used to make the man feel better about purchasing a used car. No one wants a worn item, but when a female is involved, it is justified for the male. Just because it is slightly used does not mean it is not worth anything at all. The car still drives well, looks great, and is not that pricey since it is used. That was the main goal of the advertisement. People, especially men, below the upper class still desire to own luxury items, so advertisers and brands market their products in a perfect way to entice buyers. Many middle-class men as well as women strive to have the same items as the upper class. This push to have nice things is to boost confidence and create a façade of wealth. Sometimes these more expensive items are hard to obtain financially, so there are other ways to fulfil these desires. A brand new luxury car, for example, is hard for a middle aged man that lies within the middle class to purchase. So, there are other options such as purchasing a previously used car or not purchasing one at all; however, a successful way to ownership is to buy a used or pre-owned vehicle. Even though the vehicle is not new, it fulfils a man’s desire to acquire the status symbol that follows a luxury vehicle. People enjoy being materialistic. This enforces the prominence appeal. Even though the advertisement focuses a lot on creating a false sense of dominance, BMW purposely used the young woman in the ad to persuade men in

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