A Bold Bluff Analysis

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A painting untitled “A Bold Bluff”, from a series by C.M Coolidge called “Dogs Playing Poker”, a paradoxical painting at which 5 anthropomorphic dogs engage in a nerve wracking match of poker, is played until an enormous accumulation of chips are at stake, and it is all banking on a bluff. “A Bold Bluff” captures moments before the final result of an intense poker game with a background of a calm american home in the early 1900’s, staring 5 dogs that are given human physiological and physical abilities in order to compete in the match. The painting takes the reader on a roller coaster of emotions and feelings. The first appeal of humor of dogs participating in human activities that is soon diminished when the viewer brings attention to the duel between two players for the massive lute, anxiety and greed fills the viewer’s soul with bets on who will win the standoff, only to be wrapped up with the warmth of the peaceful atmosphere. The paintings background give us a sense of comfort and ease in a warm american home around the early 1900s, although a closer look at the poker game you can see the intense game of poker going on which gives the onlooker of the painting a false sense of security. The antique furniture, if examined closely can be seen to have nailheads. Nailheads are decorative embellishment that has the look of decorative metal tacks. These are used in modern art and furniture today, but was really popular in the early 1900s when nailhead trimmings stood for a
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