A Book About The Revolutionary War Called ' George Vs. George

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The students had many opportunities to make decisions and I think that this control is what helped them behave so well. For instance, their writing assignment was to read about a man (whose name I forgot) and write a paper about whether they considered him a hero or a villain. They were able to choose which way to write it. Another example of choice came up in their history lesson. Mr. Dixon was reading a book about the revolutionary war called ‘George vs. George.’ After every two pages, they would stop reading and he would ask them what notes they could write down. The students all contributed and they all took notes based off of those contributions. Their reading lesson, too, had many opportunities for choice. They split off into groups, headed by an adult reading-aid, and read a book. Then they would talk about how they felt about it. They also had many lessons on iPads and computers, but they could do them at their own pace, so they were personalized. Choice was actually a big piece of the classroom. Reflection: I would describe the management style of this classroom as predictable, secure, accessible. Instruction Methods: I observed a few ways of conducting lessons from him. The first was in their bell work. They answered the questions (about grammar and geography) and then they went over the answers as a class. The next instruction style was technology. A lot of their work was self-guided and on the computer, at least a third of it. The next was the
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